Doing business with us from the convenience of home

Vasco Assets uses Brinks Global via FedEx or Malka-Amit via FedEx, or USPS, all global leaders in secure shipments tailored to the diamond and jewelry community, and is the safest way to ship your valuable assets. Your shipment is not only protected but is guaranteed to be treated with the utmost of professionalism and respect.

How Sure Secure Shipping works?

Once you fill out the online assets valuation form, a representative will get back to you within 1 business day. When possible, please include the photos of the item as well as any information you have. All items are appraised and evaluated by our experienced appraisers. Once a value is determined, the funding process usually takes about 15 minutes. We will fill out basic paperwork, explain the loan terms, and after you sign a contract, we will give you the money.

Step 1

Online Application

Please complete to the best of your knowledge the assets valuation form, so that our experts can evaluate the asset and give you an initial value estimation.
Simply give us a call at 855.285.7059 and speak with any one of our friendly customer service associates.  


Step 2

Send Us Your Asset for Visual Inspection

To give you the TruValue™ of your assets, a thorough physical inspection is needed. You can securely ship your items using our industry-leading Sure Secure Shipping™ by Vasco Assets.

  1. Print out the label
  2. Securely package items
    • Place in envelope.
    • To assure no tampering between sending and arrival, Sign across tongue with a marker
  3. Place item in FedEx Packaging
  4. Attach label to Box and give it to the FedEx Representative.

Your package is now tracked and safeguarded by either Brinks or Malka-Amit until it is delivered to our secure facility, where it will be opened and logged under video surveillance.

Step 3

Phone or Skype Evaluation and Discussion of your asset

Once you agree with the value and loan terms, we mutually sign the loan agreement and your check is issued immediately. If you’re not happy with our proposal, your assets are returned to you safely and securely.

Step 4

Accept the Offer or we return it 100% prepaid, fully insured.

If you accept the offer, we process the paperwork and arrange for funds to be securely transmitted. Should you for any reason choose not to accept the offer or decide to wait, we will repackage your valued asset and return it to you fully insured via 100% Free Secure Shipping by Brinks Global via FedEx or Malka-Amit via FedEx. Your valuable assets are protected and fully insured and safeguarded at all times.

Sure Secure Shipping FAQs

It is extremely safe to ship your valuables. Hundreds of billions of dollars in diamonds and jewelry are shipped worldwide every year and our chosen partners Brinks Global, Malca-Amit, USPS and FedEx are global leaders in secure shipping. Your valuables are fully insured at no cost to you.

Your items will be fully insured at no cost to you for a replacement value pre-determined by both you and a Vasco representative. While your luxury items are in our possession, they are stored in our highly secure vault.

Vasco Sure Secure Shipping combines best practice shipping procedures that the world’s most reputable businesses have successfully used for decades. These steps are part of the measures we take that guarantee your asset will be treated with the utmost of professionalism and care.

Vasco Assets has a vast network of national and international buyers. What may not be in high demand in the US may be in high demand in another part of the world. By working with a local buyer, you may limit yourself to the value that the individual buyer places on your item.

If you are in a large metropolitan area where the market is saturated with the exact diamond you have, you may be offered less for it and on the flipside, if you are in a small town where your asset is not in demand, your item may or may not be purchased at all.

From beginning to end we strive to provide our customers with a professional, secure and efficient experience. Once received in our facility we will assess and schedule a convenient time for you to speak with our experts either by phone or video chat. During your call we will provide you with a valuation of your asset, answer any questions you may have and present you with options for funding. If you accept our offer, paperwork and funding can be expedited in as little as 48 hours.

This is an asset for which there is an active marketplace. This marketplace establishes a market value: what other diamonds or assets of a similar quality and specifications sell for. This resale market reflects the price that dealers, stores, etc. will pay for the item. This is sometimes called a wholesale price but is usually significantly below the retail price offered by a store or shown on an Appraisal.

Your valuable is protected at every step of the way, from the minute you drop it off at the FedEx shipping desk to its storage in our secure vault once received at our secure facility. We treat it with the utmost of professionalism and care and take pride that it is completely secure and fully insured. You can rest comfortably knowing that we treat your valuable item as if it were our own.