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How I Got A Loan Against My Gold

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, I was affected negatively just like many other Americans. People were ordered to shelter in place and only go outside if necessary. I was soon reduced to working remotely from home and news reports of panic buying filled my television screen and social media feeds. 

 I thought it was all crazy and didn’t buy into any of it until I tried to go grocery shopping and was unable to find even one roll of toilet paper. I couldn’t believe what was happening around me. 

If I wanted to have basic necessities, I had to buy products in bulk whenever possible because I didn’t know when they would be back in stock. Buying in bulk is a fine plan except for the fact that it adds up. My finances were going to run out shortly without a check coming in and it would be a long time until my government-issued stimulus check would arrive. 

Get Extra Money by Loaning Against Your Gold Jewelry:

One possible solution that I came up with to earn additional money was to sell my gold jewelry. But, that wasn’t something that I was ready to do.  Most of my gold had sentimental value and I couldn’t stand the idea of losing access to my jewelry forever. 

When I looked around for other options, I saw the name Vasco Jewelry Buyer. I read on-line that they give people the option of taking out a loan on their gold jewelry instead of selling it. I was so glad I found a great alternative to selling my precious gold items. 

I had a gold tennis bracelet that my mother gave me, an engagement ring that still holds a special place in my heart, and a gold locket from my great aunt. None of these were pieces of jewelry that I wanted to part with and thanks to Vasco Jewelry buyer, I didn’t have to.

Their professionals carefully tested my items and gave me a loan for enough money to help with my utility bills and groceries. I was so relieved. There was no credit check needed and they gave me terms that I could live with. I felt like with Vasco Jewelry Buyer, I came to the right place and walked away with exactly what I needed. 

About the Author: 

Vasco Assets Inc. is a privately held financial institution located in Newport Beach, California. Vasco Assets has over 35 years of industry expertise from investing, lending, buying, and selling of luxury items to collaborating with charities in developing custom offerings and much more. At Vasco Assets, we create and cultivate long-term, multi-generational relationships with our clients.

Vasco Assets’ diversification in the global economy helps maintain our position as an independent international institution that is not subject to the fluctuations in the market conditions. In recent years, we’ve been making significant investments in our patent-pending technological platform and applying them to lending, investments, and fostering our client relationships.

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